/panniesbence „This book is opening the doors of the kindergarten in our soul, by its bell-bong rhymes and amiable doggerels. We are between the little ones and crouching next to them. We’re opening the rhymed coffer and yarning those words which hit in the children’s soul therewith. It does not matter the perfection of the poems, let the syllables and rhymes limp here and there; let’s forget about them because apart from this, it is important that we’re teachin for the kids by the messages of the poems. This book is educating; the poems are increasing the knowledge and the culture, teaching how to behave; and speak fine and gently by the words of the love. This book talks about a lot of things! Things which are important to adults to know: how to be responsive with gently soul, nice and loveworthy people. Let this book teach more and more tots (and adults) the whole lifetime values like humanity, love and happiness!” „Stay in joy   and keep in joy.” Panni & Bence books © 2015
Would You like to give and receive joyful, intimate moments? Would You like to affect on children by soul-warming lines? In the                              book You can find loving treasures. Love, humanity, happiness expands in the silence...
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*Prof.     Dr.     Bagdy     Emőke     pszihológus     könyvünk     reklámozásának     segítésével     kapcsolatban semmiféle    anyagi    ellenszolgáltatásban    nem    részesül    a    nevének,    arcának    és    ajánlásának felhasználása miatt
Recommended by Prof. Dr. Emoke Bagdy psychologist *
story by Csaba Czigany and Katalin Simonvaros illustrated by Petra Versegine Ujhelyi
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Prof. Dr. Emoke Bagdy         psychologist
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